Qarot Men Reward Points

Introducing you to the Qarot coins and wallet

  • How it works?

  1. Register with us, provide general information like your name, address, contact details etc. , so that we can keep you updated with our latest launches, offers and manage your wallet easily.

  2. Earn Qarot coins, which will be visible as your cart is ready, and gets auto-credited to your wallet after successful delivery of the order.

  3. Redeem your coins , whenever you place your next order with us these Qarot coins will be visible on the checkout page and can be redeemed there.

  • Qarot coins valuation

  1. Every Qarot coin equals to 1 INR.

  2. For example, on spending 1000 INR you earn 10 Qarot coins, which is equal to 10 INR.

  3. The validity of each coin is one year from the date it was earned i.e the order confirmation date.

  4. For customers in countries other than India, Qarot coins will be valued as per the respective conversion rate of INR.