Men's Tapered Fit Pants in Blue

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- Our model wears size '32' and he is 180cms i.e 5'11 tall. - Tapered fit with stitched frontline and hidden button. - Stretchable and comfortable. - Classy and durable.

This product is a Qarot original garment. All those ‘pants that fit to my legs and are comfortable’ requests have been heard while making this product. These pants have a unique and stretchable material crafted to fit to perfection. These pants would make you prevent them from someone letting them rip it off because that would be cruel and a disgrace to the pants society. 

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"Bespoke Fitting!!"

by ANKIE on 22-Nov-2020
Loved the fit and design of the trouser. Perfectly tapered and fits comfortably. The material gives a good tolerance and even more comfort. Also really appreciated the frontline and hidden button feature! Would buy more similar products with other colours.


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